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As a person who has difficulty expressing my feelings, after yet consulting with Sulonda I found myself easily sharing my thoughts and coming to conclusions that Sulonda very carefully and skillfully help to facilitate.
–Rhonda Kelsey


Whenever I’ve needed clarity about life, Sulonda has offered a caring ear and a fresh perspective. Her guidance has helped me to move through fear and doubt so I could achieve my goals. Her programs are truly transformative. I am grateful that I found her..
–Eboni Monk

Sulonda Smith


I am an author, speaker, psychotherapist and relationship/dating coach.  My vision is help women in the tired cycle of dating find dates and lasting toe curling love by changing the old school rules of dating. Not only have I helped many women find love, but I also teach them the important step on how to keep him.  For 20 years I’ve transformed many lives, one-on-one and through workshops. Often clients tell me I have a way of making them feel comfortable, empowered and accepted.  And now I’m hear to help you find him and keep him.